Chainmail 9 mm full riveted


Fully riveted chain mail made of 9mm round rings.
The basic price is for size M and increases with size.

To correctly select the size of the chain mail, measure yourself in the gambeson according to the diagram in the drawing, and add approximately 20-25 cm to the chest/abdomen circumference. The size of the chain mail must be larger to be able to put it on and take it off freely and so that it does not restrict movement during combat.

Size M:
Chest (A): 125 cm
Length (B): 80 cm
Sleeve length (C): 50 cm

Size L:
Chest (A): 138 cm
Length (B): 85 cm
Sleeve length (C): 60 cm

Size XL:
Chest (A): 150 cm
Length (B): 90 cm
Sleeve length (C): 65 cm

Size XXL:
Chest (A): 165 cm
Length (B): 100 cm
Sleeve length (C): 65 cm