About Us



Piotr - a longtime reenactor,

co-founder of Kram Goch

The creator of a huge number of helmets that can be seen on the heads of recons at most Polish and European reenactment events. Since 2014, he has been making armaments and weapons modeled on early medieval finds from European archaeological sites. He creates reconstructions based on his own projects, but also on individual orders according to commissioned projects.


Magda - archaeologist

by education and passion

His greatest passion is the period of the early Middle Ages in the areas around the Baltic Sea. Due to her weakness for trinkets, she studied in detail the processes of metallurgical production throughout history, with particular emphasis on the processes of jewelery production.


This combination and cooperation with the entire team of creators cooperating with us allowed us to create GOCH ARMORY, a shop for early medieval reenactors.

The last time for us a lot of hard work and learning, the effects of which you can use on our website.